Maleficent (sold)

Maleficent is my representation of the “mirror, mirror on the wall” inspired by the Disney classic, Sleeping Beauty.

This mirror’s charm boasts some very appealing twisted Pine. All of the elements in it have been found with different regions of the Rocky mountains and private land , river banks and shore lines. It’s got a symmetrical nature to the design where you’ll notice the left side has a piece closely resembling the right side. The media is made up quite a lot of different things, many types of driftwood from a host of different species of fallen trees and root wood from the crown of the tree. I veneer the back of most of the individual driftwood and stone to create a natural mosaic. They possess a very real vibrant amount of energy that will bring you in and leave you with a feeling of peace and calm.

The pine borders measure 26″ h x 20″w. The round mirror itself is 16″.

This mirror has been sold. If you are interested in something like this as far as color and style, a very similar piece can be custom made fore you. Please email me with information and any particulars you have in mind.

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