This rustic piece has Native Aspen as the borders and has been sanded to perfection to leave a smooth finish. All of the elements in it have been found with different regions of the Rocky mountains and private land , river banks and shore lines. It’s got a symmetrical nature to the design where you’ll notice the left side has a piece closely resembling the right side. The media is made up quite a lot of different things, many types of driftwood from a host of different species of fallen trees and root wood from the crown of the tree. I veneer the back of most of the individual driftwood and stone to create a natural mosaic. They possess a very real vibrant amount of energy that will bring you in and leave you with a feeling of peace and calm.


The dimensions of “Aspen” are 33″ high by 32″ in width. The mirror itself measures 16″ by 12.5″ The backing is 1/4″ mahogany and has a rich matching stain. Craft paper is used to cover the mirror and for added protection. The hanger is 25lbĀ  plastic coated copper wire and is attached professionally with 25lb rated D rings.

Nestled between the larger stones are graduating smaller version of the same original stone right down to the sandy variety used to fill the voids. The mirror is riddled with pyrite quartz and petrified wood. The darker limestone gives it a nice contrast. There is an amazing amount of energy that emanates from the mirror. Mother nature has finished with the elements found in them and they will bring a sense of peace and calm when you gaze upon them.

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