Rockwoodart began as my passion to create something beautiful using one of my greatest sources of inspiration, Nature! I grew up spending much of my time in the mountains and forests and have a great understanding and respect for our forests..our oceans, lakes,rivers and streams. I often feel it’s something we take for granted. I have been collecting unique rocks and natures beautiful oddities for as long as I can remember. My chosen career path led me to learning the Landscape gardening trade and then to actual stone masonry.

I feel that these artistic endeavors have combined together to allow me to go into a new direction with Rockwoodart. I give credit to Mother Nature for ‘gifting’ me with the different wood that’s finished with. I think it’s pretty cool to take these things which otherwise would eventually (and will again someday) break down into the earth and arrange them, display them in a collage of texture and color!

I have had many of my pieces around while busy working on new ones and have noted the amazing sense of how truly abundant they are with energy. These mirrors speak to me, they bring me in…and if your listening and quiet, they will bring you in as well.